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What s#!t storm!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

A typical day at HÛS entails a variety of tasks for Anouk and Elizabeth.

When she isn't in Turkey, Morocco, Disneyland of her homeland Holland. Anouk is almost always working on-site with her design accounts, sourcing for furniture, discussing construction dilemmas or searching the globe for new exciting products and clothing to adorn the store with.

Elizabeth is usually behind the desk stitching & embroidering t-shirts, beanies and mud cloth kaftans.

Our local customers visit on a regular basis and daily life is social, engaging and rewarding. AND then...........

on March 11th, WHO declared the COVID 19 outbreak a pandemic. Schools, restaurants tasting rooms, hotels & churches began to close, one-by-one, and the town fell silent.

We decided that we would rather be quarantined together than with anyone else. So we have been showing up to our little design studio and filling our days with new forms of work: the daunting task of building an online store.

Anouk is discovering her inner computer geek and is busy cracking the codes to cyber space.

Elizabeth is using her Apple 6S create visual poetry will learning how to hide her own shadow from the camera (harder than you think)!

And here is our new world for, hopefully, not tooooooo long! Please let us know what you think when our new site is up. We love to receive advice (not). And we promise to keep our site fresh with beautiful treasures for your home, soul and body.


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